Berglandschaft #3

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Photo print


Photo print

The Durst Lambda exposer enjoys an exceptional reputation in the professional world of photo laboratories and photographers. The approved technique, to expose photo paper and develope it afterwards, is brought to perfection due to the large format exposers and their technical top performance. The Lambda print creates very clear and brillliant colours and an acute, detailed rendition which even converts small format pictures to unique reproductions. Our photo laboratory exposes your pictures depending on availability either on Kodak paper “Professional Ultra Endura” or Fujicolor paper “Crytal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII”. The two comparable sorts of paper offer an extended colour space ensuring luscious colours and natural skin tone.


Photo print on aluminum backing

For our Alu-Dibond procession the photo print is mounted on the alumium backing with a special glue, which guarantees an even surface. Photo print and the mounting layer form an unity and beware the picture from deforming. Matte and glossy photo prints can be mounted on Alu Dibond. Thanks to the very light weight you can hang large formats easily on your wall. The flexible hanging system on the back enables a simple hanging.


Photo print under acrylic glass

Using this technique, the photo is first mounted behind an acrylic glass plate for a luxurious finish and then mounted to Dibond. As a result, the surface is shiny, the colors are intense and the image as a whole appears refined. The plexiglass thus enhances the brilliance of your work. The back of the board has rails that serve as the hanging mechanism.

Fine Art print

Fine Art print

Fine Art prints, high-quality photo prints, can be achieved with an inkjet-printer. Printed on fine natural paper by Hahnemühle and Tecco, your pictures become a haptic quality, which is characteristic for inkjet-prints. Due to the absorption capacity of the paper, it gains a satin finish. The inkjet-print promises lush colours, high contrasts and an extraordinary depth effect.


Textile print


Canvas on a stretcher frame

As an alternative to the classical canvas version, you also order your fotography on a professional stretcher frame. It allows you to reajust the linnen as often as needed. A real stretcher frame is a valuable handmade product that helps your picture to last for decades in the same quality.

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Berglandschaft #3

Berglandschaft #3 / fred-mcfar

  • Premium Fotoabzug (matt) auf Alu-Dibond,
    45 x 29cm 94,00 €
  • enthält Künstlerhonorar (25%)
  • Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands + 12,90 €
  • Gesamtpreis: 106,90 €