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The special approach is your shopping platform for contemporary photography and illustrations. As an art lover, newcomer, or experienced collector, you’ll find the right designs and material to suit your style and taste. Our team of skilled curators work informatively and with innovation in order to transform strong art consulting into a long-lasting love for art. Our aspiration is to guarantee the best possible shopping experience for all lovers of awesome photo art and inspiring illustrations. We want to introduce you to your future favorite designs in a playful way - through quizzes and swipers that can help you revisit or discover your artistic preferences. We have also developed a whole lot of entertaining and informational content. And we’ve made sure that you can find a lot of inspiration in our hand-picked collections. Because we know you’re looking for that special design.


Curatorial perfection

You’ll find this special something not only in our manifold gorgeous images, but also within the impeccable quality of our products and the diligence of our curators, who regularly equip the gallery with the best designs and latest trends.’s innovative approach is first and foremost the combination of an online shopping experience and the expertise of a brick-and-mortar art gallery, creating a great overall experience. This experience is also driven by our curatorial process. Every single image from our gallery has been selected and quality-checked by our experts. In curating these images, we pay extra attention to professional design and innovative artistic expression. Our selection process is deemed among young as well as established artists to be a seal of quality and skill.

Fostering premium quality

Our claim for high quality stems from the curatorial selection and continues all the way through to our product catalogue, because we know that a wonderful design has to be supported by the right material to truly shine. That’s also why we give you an ideal combination of materials for the printing of your favorite image - if you’re the indecisive type of person, we can help facilitate your decision, and if you’re a decisive one, we’d like to give you the best options. And, due to constant product examination, we uphold an outstanding standard of quality for you as an art lover.


How started

In 2016, we celebrate the ninth year of our foundation and a vivid history of progressing change. We started as DesignClick, later changed our name to unseen, and finally to As a photo community for contemporary aesthetics and art we almost exclusively dedicated our attention to the curatorial process. We remained a platform for photo artists and illustrators, albeit installing a shopping function on our site early on. The gallery grew through many amazing artworks, but the necessary shop structure did not evolve as equally. Now, our shop has grown too, all while maintaining the product quality that is known for. So, as an early jubilee gift, we’ve gotten you – and ourselves – a new design, tons of new cool content and artworks, and a whole lot more to be seen. History - Click for bigger image